Transpose-iT v1.0

A creative way to transpose musical notes into printable sheets.

About Transpose-iT

Transpose-iT is a software utility to transpose musical notes into printable sheets. It’s a practical approach to study and analyze musical rules. (We provide an extensive example database to start you off with). Furthermore you can work with bookmarks and create printable sheets to support study and teachings. (see screenshots...)

Get started

To get started you have to download Transpose-iT first. The latest installation version 1.0 is currently available from the download page. There are two installation-version, one for Windows 10 systems and one for Windows versions below Windows 10. Please choose the proper version for your Windows system.

Frequently asked questions

Can Transpose-iT run on OSX?

Transpose-iT is a Windows only software. We created a 32bit version of the software making it run on any version of Windows, from Windows-XP up to Windows 10.

Does Transpose-iT require an internet-connection?

The software requires connection to Internet in order to “confirm your license”, request support or follow URL’s for advice in topics.

Who can use Transpose-iT?

There is no entry level to use the software so it can be used for everyone's unique learning process. We say inspire yourself or be inspired.

What do others say about Transpose-iT?

Some say, it’s a calculator, while others say it’s a musical notebook. We say it all depends on how tou want to use it.

What is wrong with my computer, I don't see any colors!

The Interface aims to support simplicity and less distracton during the use of the software. We gave it the look and feel of an old-school software-utility to give it a solid feel.

How many bookmarks can I create?

Transpose-iT is a next generation database application. You can virtually store unlimited bookmarks.